2012: this is what happened - 21 January 2013

Highlight of the year? Probably Campbell's deployment to this world. Lowlight? I ended up (shortly) in prison!

My 2012

Just like I said in my previous "digest" article, I only keep the italian version of my website up to date (but hey, pictures don't need translation so you can always check the full flickr photostream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/olafmeister/ or the instragramation of everything that happens around me on my public instagram profile at http://instagram.com/olafmeister).

So, just like last year, this is a quick digest of a very long 2012, which saw me having a good football season, becoming godfather to ANdy and Kirsten's son, but also ending up in prison and losing Lindsey's grandma.

Anyway, some random highlights for the year:

  • in January, after Lindsey and I came back from a very long european trip in Italy, UK and Poland, my veggie patch provided the best yield since I started planting stuff.
  • in February I reached my 1000th km in official road races, and I got my visa renewed after weeks of battles.
  • in March I kept running like crazy, until I got arrested for a misuderstanding in a supermarket regarding a can of fake redbull (I drunk it in the shop and I got accused of stealing), and the thing escalted and I ended up spending a Friday in a jail
  • in April I got sentenced to community service, 24 hours at the local SPCA. I ended up doing around 30 hours because, after all, spending time with dogs by cleaning their cells from poo and helping them wasn't a burden at all. Football started and it was my first season as player/coach. Also Campbell, Kirsten and Andy's son, was born, and Lindsey and I got nominated godparents!
  • In May we went with the whole family to Cullinan, on a steam train. Football continued with ups and downs but I kept my contribution of goals and assits quite high
  • In June I travelled to Italy and Poland to watch the Euro 2012. Italy didn't win the game (1-1 vs Croatia) but I had a great time. Everything was really well organized in my mother's hometown of Poznan.
  • In July The Euro finished with Italy getting trashed 4-0 by Spain in the final, but at least they performed way better than in 2010...I think I spent 3 weeks being generally upset
  • I spent August watching the olympic from home, and enojying a freak snow day in Johannesburg. Lindsey's grandma died after a long period of weakness.
  • In September our football season ended, and for the first time since 2010 I had to leave the field before the 90th minute, because of an injury. But I managed to bounce back in the last game and ending with 10 goals and 13 assits
  • in October my instagram picture ended up selected as a finalist in the first SA Instragram show in Johannesburg, and I took part in my first triathlon, where I almost drowned (but I finished it!). Also Lindsey and I started our bathrooms renovation, which were completed a month later after a lot of hard work...
  • in November I continued doing sports and this time Lindsey took part in her first mountain bike race. In the space of 3 weeks I completed a 40km MTB race, the 94.7km bicycle challenge and the 32km Tough One race.
  • in December I went to London for 5 days of hard work, and I decided to take it easy for the rest of the month (after 11 months of sport!)
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