Melting in Barcelona - 10 August 2004

Every time I need a break before (or after) some stressing work session, I go to Barcelona. Twice in 3 years. In few weeks I will shoot my western. Better relax now.

Day 3 - A foody Sunday

Sagrada FamiliaAnother day, same plan. Morning for touristic attractions, and afternoon on the beach. So Sagrada Familia, here we go. After a short trip by tube (they have a tube and they have air conditioned on the vehicle.. why not in London?) we emerged just next to this big, incomplete church, probably the most notorious symbol of Barcelona. Everyone knows the story: Gaudi', an architect who created some of the most bizarre buildings in the city, was deeply (too deeply) religious, so he thought about building this huge and incredibly ugly looking cathedral. Sorry, IT IS ugly. Interesting, bizarre, but ugly. The Gaudi dude was even killed, run by a tram, just nearby.
It looks like a set from some horror film, and that's why, for some strange reason, I felt attracted. And just like a movie set, it's complete only on the front side, while the rest is still a 50 years works in progress. I don't know if Lindsey enjoyed the building, but she was definetely impressed by the weirdness about it.Park Gruell, Olaf and Lindsey
Another short trip, and Parc Guell was on out sights, after a huge amount of stairs to reach the top of the hill. Parc Guell is another creation by the guy who gave us the Sagrada Familia. I liked more the parc than the church. I like the weirdness about the way the paths are built. Or the construction at the exit (or the entrance?) of the park. You can get a good view of Barcelona from a completely different point of view than on the Olympic hill. And there are more ice cream shops around. I survived in Barcelona on ice creams, by the way. Cheap way to have all the stuff your body needs.
Another good lunch and back on the beach again. This time I improved a lot and I almost enjoyed swimming in the sea. Lindsey was still better than me, but hey, she has more experience than me.
Hours later, it was time for one last dinner in the city, cause in 24hr our assess youl be on the plane on our way back. We chose, after a carefull research (10 minutes) the Tapas Bar not too far from the Santa Maria del Mar church, and we had the best tapas we've ever had, with a fantastic beef than still makes my mouth drooling in ectasy. The restaraunt was very nice, the food and service very good. But my mind was already thinking about the next day, our last spanish day

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