Melting in Barcelona - 10 August 2004

Every time I need a break before (or after) some stressing work session, I go to Barcelona. Twice in 3 years. In few weeks I will shoot my western. Better relax now.

Day 4. Final Monday

It was hotLast day. Lindsey spent more time looking for shops with cute things (well, I still have no idea what "cute things" mean. Isn't a football shirt a Cute Thing? No? What about a terminatore 2 dvd? Very moving!) while I spent my time trying different ice creams from different shops. Still Dino's on the beach was my favourite. The weather was still hot and humid, but in only few hours, in London, we would have regretted moaning about it!
And we packed our bags really fast, to leave, after one last lunch, the city of Barcelona.
Any last thought? Well, Barcelona is a fantastic city, probably a bit too expensive now. 2 years ago was much cheaper.
Nice beaches, nice hills, nice people.
Even if most spaniards still think that the homeless look is good and the mullet is fashionable. But at least bars and pubs are opened till 4 in the morning and a cocktail is a real cocktail and not some coke with a hint of alcohol. And those ice creams... mmmh...

I'm in London now, by the way. And it's raining (can you believe that?). And Lindsey flew back to Spain, destination Ibiza, to work for three weeks. Time to think about my western!

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