Review of Bonitas City2City Ultra Marathon - 18 September 2011

Sport Race
Event Bonitas City2City Ultra Marathon
Date 18 September 2011
Where Pretoria to Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 50 Km
Finishing Time 05:25:02
Race Number 1513
Result 965/1814
Top % 53%
Pace 6:30 m/km
Speed 9.23 km/h
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My experience at the event:

It was hard, it was long and it was a great experience.
After 11 completed marathons I decided to step into the unknown and run a 50km. I was supposed to run the Two Oceans in April, but after getting a racing number I couldn't get a flight in time to Cape Town, which sucked.

Thanks to the start of the race being within 1hr from here, I decided to join the race, hoping that by then the football season would be over. Unfortunately it wasn't and less than 24hours before the start I played a tough football game and I was still sore when I started at 6.340 from the Centurion Gautrain Station.

Knowing that I would play another game in less than 48 hours (crazy schedule!) I decided to take it easy but it wasn't possible with all the hills in the first half. So I kept a decent tempo (6 minutes /km) until the 35th km. Then, unfortunately, the heat started to get at me (running from North to South means that you get only one side of your body exposed to the sun). So while the first 25km took me 2h30 minutes, the other 25km took me 30 minutes more.

I wasn't too unhappy about the result since it was my first (of the many in the future, I hope) experience with a full ultra-marathon!

Some pictures:

City to City

City to City

City2city Ultra Marathon

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