Review of Midmar Mile - 09 February 2019

Sport Swimming Race
Event Midmar Mile
Date 09 February 2019
Where Howick, South Africa
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My experience at the event:

Well that was a disappointing race. I trained more than usual to be able to swim easily the 1.6 or so km (a mile) in the biggest swim even in the world. The last time I did it was in 2015, and I completed it in 47 minutes by swimming not even in a straight line. This time, on a cold and a little foggy morning, in the first event ot the day, for some reason I finished it above the hour mark! I definitely swam way more straighter than the last time, but the choppiness of the water, and the constant water dripping in my goggles probably made my slower than expected. I just didn't realize how slow I was.

Oh well, at least I got my medal and I spent a beatiful weekend with Finn and Lindsey in Howick, one of my favourite places in South Africa.

Some pictures from the day:
Checking the Dam

So many people swimming!

Emerging from the waters

Such a cold morning


My Medal

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