Review of Midmar Mile - 11 February 2024

Sport Swimming Race
Event Midmar Mile
Date 11 February 2024
Where Howick, South Africa
Distance 1.6 Km
Finishing Time 01:06:07
Race Number 4741
Result 1103/1133
Top % 97%
Pace 41:19 m/km
Speed 1.45 km/h
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My experience at the event:

I want to be honest. It sucked. I trained hard for almost 3 months, went for technique lessons, and it all seemed great until a week after a race. But the day of the race, after driving with my brother in law 5.30 hours to Howick, something just didn't click. The weather was shit, I felt heavy, and from the start I couldn't get a half decent rhythm, often losing the sight of the groups I was swiiming with and the final arrival line. The water was choppy but I swam in the past in worse waters. My final time was horrid, almost 15 minutes more from the time I was hoping for!

You can check my terrible time here:

Overall it was a very depressing drive back home, with a finishing medal that really didn't feel like any achievement was completed...

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